A Foucauldian Analysis of Environmental Education: Toward the Socioecological Challenge of the Earth Charter

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This article examines recent trends in environmental education (EE) and argues that its institutionalization within general education works against its own socially and ecologically transformative goals. A Foucauldian lens is employed to explore how EE, seeking legitimacy within general education, constitutes itself as “disciplinary practice.” A Foucauldian analysis is then extended to examine how critical ecological discourse often neglects a related critical social discourse. Finally, the Earth Charter is offered as a socioecological, visionary text that might help shape educational theory and practice in ways that avoid the cooptation and neglect suffered by environmental education.

Auteur: Gruenewald, David A.
Éditeur: Blackwell Publishing, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Educa
Année de publication: 2004
Pays: United States
La langue: English