Enfant et Jeunes

  • Publié: 2009 Pays: International

    Earth Charter Youth Toolkit – 2009

    The toolkit is a very valuable resource for youth activists who are, or who want to be, associated with the Earth Charter. The toolkit contains: - information on how to start an Earth Charter Youth Group (ECYG) - suggested activities…

  • Publié: 2009 Pays: International

    Lifestyle Campaign brochures

    Informative brochures about food production, consumption, energy use, and how the EC principles can help making decisions to move towards more sustainable lifestyles considering these issues.

  • Publié: 2008 Pays: Ukraine

    The Oak Tree – Fairy Tale

    This beautiful fairytale inspired by the Convention on the Rights of the Child was written by Volodymyr Motyrov during his internship in UNICEF. It also relates to the 4th pillar of the Earth Charter: Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace.

  • Publié: 2008 Pays: International

    Buddy Experiment

    Report on experiment with Intergenerational Partnership through pairing of different generations. IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and Earth Charter Youth Initiative, Global Youth Action Network, TakingItGlobal, Peace Child International, Peace Child Peru - Embajadores del Desarrollo, Youth Action for…

  • Publié: 2008 Pays: Australia

    Earth Charter for Children: How to Care for the Earth and its People

    The 2008 Earth Charter Children's Poster was created by many students from different schools in Australia. The effort was led by the Queensland Government and Green Cross Australia.

  • Publié: 2008 Pays: International

    Experiencias Educativas con la Carta de la Tierra

    Esta publicación ofrece 27 historias (ejemplos) de cómo la Carta de la Tierra ha sido utilizada en diferentes ámbitos. Se espera que esta publicación ofrezca historias – casos de estudio de todo el mundo – que nos muestren de qué…

  • Publié: 2008 Pays: International

    Interwoven Stories: The Fabric of Community

    Interwoven Stories: The Fabric of Community is an incredible and uplifting collection of creative thought by a beautifully diverse group of people. A joint publication by the Earth Charter Initiative and the United Nations Mandated University for Peace, these individual…

  • Publié: 2008 Pays: Mexico

    Presentación para profesores de Educación Preescolar

    Taller para Professores de Pre-Escolar sobre como trabajar con la Carta de la Tierra

  • Publié: 2008 Pays: Mexico

    Taller para niñ@s con la Carta de la Tierra (Taller tipo)

    Producido por Morelia Amante Calderón, Red de Educadores Ambientales en Michoacán A. C. y Consejo Estatal de Ecología.

  • Publié: 2008 Pays: Mexico

    Taller: Carta de la Tierra para Niñ@s

    Producido por Secretaria De Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT) y Centro Regional De Educación y Capitación para el Desarrollo Sustentable (CREDES).